Date 2/4/2021 – 21/4/2021
Competition / Activity Kryative Innovation Award 2021
Organizer(s) Ruang by Krya.id
Award(s) Titanium Award Gold Award
Awardee(s) SAMRAH Kanwal Tsang Shing Sing
Details Kryative Innovation Award (KIA) is designed for young innovators to practice their problem-solving skills in answering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge and as part of appreciation platform for young innovators to introduce their innovation to the world during World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID). In addition, KIA learning process will help young generation strengthen their will to learn and recognize what they want to achieve in order to prepare for their life.
Teacher in Charge Mr. NG Cheuk Yu (Jerry) & Mr. WAN Chun Man